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Tony Craddock, Jr.’s Latest Single “Magnetic” Flows with Inspiration and Smooth Jazz Vibes

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Inspirational saxophonist Tony Craddock, Jr. releases another smooth single that pumps the soul with good vibes – it’s called “Magnetic,” and you can catch him playing it right here in the above video! SmoothJazzTimes’ Kim Betton caught up with Craddock to discuss his latest project!

SmoothJazzTimes (Kim): Thanks for joining us Tony! Your single ” Magnetic” dropped on Friday, April 23rd! It is so smooth and refreshing – something jazz fans can use this time of year, especially during these challenging times of the pandemic. How does it feel?

Tony: I’m really excited about the great response the single is getting! Listeners on social media are loving the track and Spotify added it to their Nu-Smooth playlist, which gives the single worldwide reach. When listeners tell me the music is blessing them, it encourages me by letting me know I’m making a positive impact on their lives, which is what music is all about to me.

SmoothJazzTimes: What was the inspiration behind creating the song?

Tony: I believe each of us has a magnetic force inside of us pulling us towards our purpose. This single is about my “magnetic” journey of finding and embracing my purpose, which is creating uplifting music. I’ve known my purpose for quite some time, but within the last two years, I’ve fully embraced it. I recorded the single during Spring 2020, as the pandemic was weighing down on the world, so it was a time when I really had to lean on my Christian faith — the magnetic force in my life — to stay hopeful and motivated to continue making music.

SmoothJazzTimes: Tell us about the writing and producing for this great single. And you also delve into another instrument too, right?

Tony: Yes – I co-wrote the song with Adam Hawley, who also produced it. In addition to playing alto sax, if you listen closely, you can also hear me playing flute in the background intermittenly throughout the song.

SmoothJazzTimes: That’s terrific! Who all did you work with?

Tony: Adam performed keyboards, key bass, organ and guitar on the song, along with Eric Valentine (drums) and Michael Stever (trumpet). Adam also mixed the single and Steve Hall (Future Disc Mastering) put the final gloss on it with mastering. I also want to shoutout The Sundial Agency (Robert McClain) for the graphic design and CCP Photos (Page Gordon) for the photography on the cover artwork.

SmoothJazzTimes: Fans are the best! Any message for your fans?

Tony: Keep pressing forward towards your purpose, because operating in your purpose is what positions you to positively impact others. More importantly, if you don’t feel a magnetic pull on your life that gives you joy and a sense of meaning, it’s okay to pause and figure out the right path forward. The pandemic has disrupted all of our lives to some degree and forced us to contemplate the basics of life, and ask the questions like, “why I do what I do everyday?” There’s no better time than now for each of us to figure that out. And of course, I want them to continue listening to music that inspires them!

SmoothJazzTimes: What’s next for you?

Tony: I’m ready to work on my next (fourth) album! I’ve been writing new material here and there for the past two years, but I wasn’t quite feeling the magnetic pull (see what I did there) towards a particular theme. I wanted the album to have more purpose than simply being released “because it was time.” But, I’m there now. The music is early in its development, but I think it’s fair to say the album will build on this single “Magnetic.” There will be some new surprises too.

SmoothJazzTimes: That’s great! How has the pandemic affected the music business, concerts, etc., in your opinion?

Tony: Unfortunately, every music lover knows at least one music venue/business or artist/musician that’s been hit hard by the pandemic. The music studio where I recorded my first two albums (in my hometown of Woodbridge, VA) was forced to shut down last summer, which really broke my heart. But, in the midst of those challenges, new opportunities have emerged for us to connect with music. Virtual concerts are a great example — over the last year, I’ve attended about ten of them. I even hosted a Virtual Valentine’s Concert this February which received a really good response from my supporters. I believe we’re watching the development of a new music industry and as the world reopens, I expect the new avenues for music engagements to co-exist with the pre-pandemic norms, which will offer listeners more options for consuming the music they love.

SmoothJazzTimes: Thank you for taking time with us! We appreciate your music and support for smoothjazz.

Tony: You’re welcome! My pleasure!

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