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ODU Student Micah Davis Spotlights the "JazzNoteBook"

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The “JazzNoteBook” features  the biographies of students across the nation who are talented  musicians establishing a supportive fan base and  setting a tone for a positive future in the world of jazz.  The JazzNoteBook also gives students a chance to express, in their own words, the meaning of jazz and how it’s impacted their lives and aspiring musical careers. features Old Dominion University (ODU) student Micah Davis.  As a saxophonist, rapper and composer, Davis’s music and message are putting a stamp on the importance of connecting young people to the preservation and the future of jazz!


Micah Davis – Biography


Who is Masego? What is Masego?  Micah Davis’ senior year in high school led him to select Masego as his stage name. While surrounded by a myriad of celebrity crazed, rapper imitating classmates, he sought a name that would represent his story.


In Africa, a culture studied greatly by Micah during his senior year in high school, parents gave their children names as a form of honor and a predictor of their success. Masego means blessing in Tswana, which instantly clicked for him.


The story behind the blessing?  At the age of 8 Micah’s hands and ears were prayed upon at his church by his parents. Pastor’s Mark and Tracie Davis saw his desire and passion to serve God and prayed for him to be blessed with music.


From then on every instrument Micah picked up…. he became anointed  with it.  The drums were first, then the piano and most recently the saxophone. Without reading music he maintained first chair in  middle and high school. His ear has allowed him to pick up on many songs in just 30 seconds. 


He is currently attending Old Dominion University where he has combined Smooth Jazz, Hiphop, and Contemporary Gospel. He is currently working his first All Saxophone Mixtape entitled “Sides Of Masego Volume 1:Sax.”   The recording is expected to be released on on December 1, 2011.  Expect Masego’s word play, clean lyrics, and unique musicality on his this mixtape.


  Why I Do My Music   

(Micah Davis)


I feel the best definition of my goal is in my rap lyrics. People have probably heard a jazz musician attempt to rap in the past. The artist probably rapped about a story in their life, delivered it with a decent flow, and was dubbed a decent rapper. I feel the best definition of why I am the artist I am,  resides in my lyrics. I’ve written poetry since fifth grade and have observed and analyzed for rap as long as I can remember.  I feel that  it’s my mission, to give what rap is missing;  to give more than a “hook and lines” because it’s for souls I’m fishin.


 I’ve been called the “Will Smith” rapper since I don’t curse in my raps. I feel that’s one rare element about me as an artist. I feel that I can keep the lyricism clean. I would like to serve as a role model whom parents would actually want their kids to follow. In an industry where music is being replaced with so many simple hits,  vulgar music, and many outlandish celebrities, I feel that I can prove that life isn’t necessary to become an icon in music.   

                                        – Micah Davis, for the “JazzNoteBook” on






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