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(Kim Betton, SJT):  Thanks Kim for talking with  So you are dropping another great album –  “This Heart of Mine.”  Tell us what we can all expect from this new project.

(Kim Waters, KW):  This album has more of a type of R&B type of vibe but I still incorporate the jazz sounds with the saxophone.  I just wanted to kind of switch it up and do more with a funkier groove.  It’s just a great blend.

SJT:  I think your style is what attracts a lot of younger people to your music as well.

KW:  That’s true and I’m very fortunate and blessed to have the support from the young people.  From hip-hop to jazz, it’s just a great feeling.

SJT:  Did you write and produce much of this project?

KW:  Yes, I produced and wrote pretty much the entire record from my studio in Sacramento. I wanted to write music that the fans would enjoy!

SJT:   As you mentioned, this project is a mixture of Jazz and R&B.  You know, jazz is like the root to music. Just the legacy of Jazz is so profound with music makers of today. Would you agree?

KW:  Yes, that’s true. For me, I feel jazz is pretty much the root to all music – Jazz and Gospel, that is. That combination can be incorporated into almost everything we’re listening to these days.  For me… the worst thing that anybody could do is categorize music.  We should just put it on, let it play, and let the people decide what it is.

SJT:   That’s so  true. Speaking of checking out good music – there are 11 great tracks on your new project. What are some of your favorites?

KW:  I really enjoy them all.  They’re a good sound.  Alot of people tell me they like the songs too. I’ve also been getting so many compliments from the cut “I Love My Girl.”  I am really thankful for this project and the support I’m already receiving.

SJT:  So where can we catch you on tour, especially in the DC area?

KW:  As for the DC area, I’ll be at the Blues Alley in February, the Capital Jazz Fest in June, and I’m looking forward to the Capital Jazz Cruise next October.  Fans can also check out my website KimWaters dot net  for more detailed information.

SJT:  Yes, Jazz Cruises are great!  SmoothJazzTimes will have to try to catch one of them!

KW:    Kim Waters You would have a GREAT time.  It’s jazz every day of the week.  It’s like a non-stop party!

SJT:  Sounds like fun!   So what’s next for you?

KW:  I’m headed to Atlanta to shoot the video for “Am I A Fool” (#3 cut on the new CD).  Then this weekend I’ll be at the Phoenix Jazz Festival in Arizona.  I’m just on the road a lot promoting the new CD and trying to keep it going.

SJT:  Throughout your musical career you’ve had more than 13 #1 singles  and more than 20 top ten hits.  Your music is loved by a lot of people. How does this make you feel?

KW:  It makes me feel great.  I really appreciate everything. It’s also a good thing to be an influence to the young people.

SJT:  That’s nice.  Keep up the good work and thanks for taking time out to speak with .  We look forward to your new CD “This Heart of Mine”   to come out in a few weeks on October 25th.  We’ll be sure to post it in our  Music Store, powered by when it drops!

KW:   Thank you, Kim and I hope everybody gets the album and enjoys it!


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